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Xpert Direct FAQ's

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Shopping Cart Faq’s


Important Info Regarding Gift Certificates:

Gift certificates cannot be used to purchase more gift certificates. Gift certificates must be redeemed online and are deliverable by email only.

Q: How do I contact you?

Email us at info@xpertproducts.com.au or call our products hotline on 0419 623 287 from 10 am-4.30 pm AEST, Monday-Friday, and 10 am – noon on Saturday. International customers call +1-951-808-3376 (Pacific)

Creating an Account

Q: Why should I create an account on Xpert Shopping?

Creating an account is completely optional. It allows us to offer you special discounts and offers as well as store your shipping addresses to make the ordering process faster the next time you shop with us. This information is guarded by a password chosen by you, and no one else will have access to it. The account does not ask for your credit card information.

Q: What if I lose my password or forget my username?

Passwords are not recoverable. We suggest you make a note of your password and email/username, or choose something you can easily remember. You do not need to log in to place an order.

Q: If I create an account, am I also registered on other Xpert sites?

No. Although we are the same company, this Xpert Direct Online Shopping store and the other Xpert sites are separate entities.


Placing An Order

Q: How do I place an order?

You can place an order online through our secure website, or you can call us on 0419 623 287, if our lines are busy, leave a message including a contact email address and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Q: How do I use a coupon code?

When you’re ready to checkout, view your shopping cart and click checkout. On the next page you will enter your billing and shipping information and a coupon code in the space provided. The code will automatically apply the discount to applicable items in your shopping cart. Only one coupon code may be used per order.

Q: Do you charge a sales tax?

We are required to charge a 10% goods and services tax to customers in Australia. However, although orders for overseas are GST exempt, they may carry duties and taxes at the point of importation. These Duties and other charges are payable by the customer.

Q: How long does it take to process an order?

In-stock items are usually shipped within 24 hours. Special orders and custom items will require more time to ship. Specific information on custom items is provided at the bottom of each custom item’s page in the description.

Q: Is the website secure?

Yes. Xpert shopping payment process is served through PayPal's secure encryption method. Every step of the order process is encrypted. Credit cards and payments are made through Paypal to ensure convenient and safe shopping and payment environments.

We do not under any circumstances trade, sell, or share your information with anyone outside Xpert Products. Your privacy and security are important to us.

Q: What is a billing address?

We must have the correct billing address to process your order. If we do not have the correct billing address, your order will be declined and we will contact you to get the correct address.


Q: Can I ship to a different address than my billing address?

Yes. As you checkout, you will be asked for your billing address and your shipping address if it is different. We must have your billing address to send your statement and Invoice. If you supply a separate shipping address, your order will ship to that address.

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

Delivery times vary by location and shipping method chosen. Delivery time starts from the next full business day after the order leaves our warehouse. 

Q: Can I schedule a drop-off time?

No. What time your package arrives is determined by the method & delivery driver’s route in your area.

Q: Will I have to sign for the package?

Not typically. The driver will usually leave the package, unless there have been a high number of claims in your area. We can put “no signature required” on the order at your request.

Q: How do you ship?

Via Post or courier. Express or Standard Parcel. International Customers are usually sent Express international parcel


Q: Address Corrections?
If your shipping address is incorrect on your order, please call or notify us as soon as possible and we will be happy to change before the package is shipped.

Returns & Exchanges


Q: What is the return policy?

Items must be returned within 7 days in like new condition with original packaging. * See exceptions in Terms and conditions. To return an item, email us to receive a Return Authorization Number and instructions. Write this number on the outside of the package. Products returned without authorization will not be accepted. The cost of the returned items, minus shipping charges and restocking fee, will be promptly credited. It may take 5-7 days for your bank to process the credit.

If you have received a defective item, please contact us as soon as possible.

Q: Are there any items that cannot be returned?

Custom-made items cannot be returned. These items are made for your specific needs. Custom items include, but are not limited to: special blends and private label. Please verify that the information provided for a custom item is correct before placing your orders. Custom items are noted as such on the product page. We can only accept returns on custom items in the event of a manufacturing error.

Electronics: Returned electronics (including buffers, vacuums, and blowers) are subject to a 20% restocking fee if product has been used or opened. Hot water extractors are non-returnable.

For full information we recommend you read Xpert Directs Terms and Conditions on this website.

Detailing Faq’s


Q. What are the signs my vehicles paint may need attention?

A. Gritty Feeling Paint: This is caused by industrial fallout, rail dust, brake dust, overspray and tree sap. These are all bonded to your paint and are not removed by regular washing alone. The movement with your hand over the surface will feel gritty and rough. This is where an Xpert Paint Prep Bar is a fantastic addition to your car care kit. The clay bar deep cleans these embedded contaminants out of the top coat. Most vehicles need to be prepped in this manner to remove these contaminates to give your car a blemish free shine. through Xpert Direct of course you may purchase products that go a lot deeper, browse our decontamination products which may be used prior to doing any repair work on the surface of your vehicle or craft.

Dull Paint: Dull lifeless paint comes over time from improper care. Improper washing and drying techniques, not washing your car or dragging particles over the paint can result in a dull finish. Dull paint is often caused by light scratches that work to leave a dull finish on the paint. Polishing with Xpert's polishes, pads and procedures will make your finish look shiny and feel like new.

Oxidized Paint: Results from a lack of surface care. Oxidized paint looks cloudy and hazy due to reaction from the dirt on your paint and its reaction with oxygen. UV rays can be very harmful if allowed to penetrate, The good news is all of this can be treated by using proper polishing and finishing techniques. Trust Xpert Direct to supply the products that will give your car or craft an absolute perfect finish, and drop us an email if you have any questions.

Q. I've been told that if I wash & wax, then I don't need detailing. Is this a misconception?

A: Quite often,yes. Wax alone will not make your car look better. Keeping paint clean by using a paint prep bar and proper polishing to clean and remove defects is what gives a car that deep, clean shine. Wax is designed to be a protectant that protects the surface underneath. If the cars paint has not been treated with the detailing steps, you will not achieve optimal results and the surface will not look it's absolute best.

Q. I can buy products for my car for less so why should I use Xpert?

A: Frankly speaking, you get what you pay for. We do not take short cuts, we state clearly that it is all about time+effort= reward. Waxing alone will not protect your car and products that are of questionable formula and made of cheap raw materials do not provide you quality workmanship and results. Although their prices are tempting, nothing replaces or produces the results of Xpert's fully engineered products.

Once you see and experience the result that Xpert produces, you will never compare competitors products to ours again.

Q. will I have problems with "scratch return"?

A:Xpert Direct supplies products around the globe to cure this and many other problems associated with the use of other products, we also attend to clients special needs in their own countries who are involved in the restoration and "fine finishing" of Classic, Exotic and extremely rare collections and with over 30 years experience in the vehicle refinishing, restoration and repair industry, we are often the only answer to bringing a vehicle to its absolute best finish.

Our award winning results speak for themselves and those who have been part of our Team at Xpert for many years all agree. We find our clients are as loyal as we are and we all appreciate the best finishes available.

Q. Can you provide me with a list of some of your clients?

A: We would be more than happy to provide you with some of our references. However as the case is many of our clients are high profile and prefer to remain anonymous and we respectfully maintain their privacy.

Q. Are you available for concour preparation?

A: Certainly, we have a fantastic track record in event preparation, please remember though that time has its very own rewards in this field, and the more time we have to prepare your special vehicle the more we achieve as an outcome. Early contact and dialogue is a positive step in that direction.


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